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Apartment Reservation Network is the earliest serviced apartment leasing firm, handling own apartments in Moscow, and also partner network of apartments in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Volgograd and Yalta. We coincide with the description , together with maid service, and ensure apartment to seem and offer just highest-quality apartments.


Think about our great alternative to hotels with comfort limited privacy and versatility in the event you had never stayed in a ventilated apartment instead of hotel earlier. Booking serviced apartments. All centrally located and built to Western standards just makes a lot more sense.


Not only do you get full privacy, all basic amenities you expect, total safety, but assess services offered in many of our flats that are guest! A number of our luxury apartments comprise Hi-Speed Internet, Unlimited International telephone calling and Mobile phone rentals. We can help organize city tours any town. Inexpensive airport transfers will also be accessible in every one of our cities.


You can be certain that booking from Apartment Reservation Network gets certainly the very best value for the money and support help from our regional offices, you Western criteria and the solitude and comfort as you would expect in your own residence.

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Owners who will consider leasing are an extraordinarily modest percentage — undoubtedly less than 1% and likely closer to 1 in 1000. What’s this? Since when an owner wishes to sell they need to move on in their own life so that they could take another step, and get out in the mortgage obligation. A person who’s desperate related to their own mortgage payment can’t afford to think about leasing to own normally.

Rent to have tends to be a great way for your buyer to drop a lot of money.

While the notion of rent with the choice may appear attractive, a few of the realities are substantially less.

Owners who will consider rent to possess are rare, so your choices is going to decrease for properties. I consider it much more economical to devote a couple of years working on improving your credit and (if necessary) saving up a good down payment. Yes, it’s difficult to move a few times but it even harder to eliminate a lot of money trying to purchase.

Some attributes to own:

1. Down payment demanded — often substantial (say 10 percent or even 20%) and is non-refundable when the potential buyer does not buy.

2. Monthly rental is above fair market lease is the sum above the fair market rent. This is also not refundable.

3. Otherwise qualified for funding at the agreed upon time and cost, then you shed everything you have paid so far.

4. The purchase price is agreed upon at the beginning of the contract, where house prices are going and who knows.

5. You still be based on the owner. If they fail, you lose.

Please involve an attorney in the contract, should you participate in this.

    March 09 2013