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Best Reasons to Shop

Best Reasons to Shop

  • Convenient one-stop shopping
  • Student concentrated customer support
  • Used/New/Digital textbooks
  • Textbook rentals
  • Cost fitting Guarantee
  • All necessary class ancillaries such as art, culinary and nursing arts kits, and fire equipment and much more
  • Liberal return policy
  • Convenient online ordering with free delivery or pickup at store.
  • $50 Bookstore gift card giveaways every hour in the beginning first week of semester to get a fortunate student building a purchase
  • Six student’s titles are drawn randomly to win free publications during the autumn and spring semester
  • Free scratch card with every purchase. Chance to get Your Whole purchase at No Cost or win 10% off or other Fantastic prizes
  • Free popcorn throughout back-to-school week every fall and spring session
  • Complete line of Moraine Valley clothing and other spirit items
  • Year round buyback and you also receive book dollars

Price Matching Guarantee: Bookstore matches opponents’ prices!

  • Bookstore reserves the right to confirm the purchase price, the time and the date
  • Textbooks should match ISBN, variant, and state “New/Used”
  • For online comparisons, the textbook has to be provided by a retail establishment in usa, not from folks selling at any auction website such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace, or some similar sites, and not be international editions.