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S$ 2,900 / month

Condominium at 16 — 30 BEDOK NORTH DRIVE

S$ 2,900 / month

Condominium at 16 — 30 BEDOK NORTH DRIVE



Apartment and Condo

Personal condominiums and apartments are private property in which residents share the common chemical, land of the property and amenities. Condominiums are the favorite choices for most expatriates. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from low-rise blocks to extensive high-rise condominium. The units in these properties range from studio, 1, 2, 3 and also 4-bedroom units, penthouses. Condo and flat start from as small as 500 square feet to as large as 8,000 square feet.

Apartments and condominium have been strata-subdivided housing units, with all the common areas owned and operated by a Control Corporation. Hybrid home types like townhouses, cluster home and strata-bungalows also encounter the strata-subdivision structure. There are clearly-defined planning guidelines regulating each of these property types.

Most condos come with high quality finishes, Beautiful landscaping, basement car park and full recreational facilities like clubhouse, children’s playground, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis, tennis courts, and at times even a putting green. Most advancements have 24-hour security protection, intercom systems and also a few condos also have house automation systems.

  • APARTMENT— The chemical comes with smaller land area in contrast to Condominium. May not have recreation facilities.
  • CONDOMINIUM— The chemical has bigger land when compared with Apartment and generally includes recreation facilities.
  • EXECUTIVE CONDOMINIUM— Condominium limited by HDB’s regulations and rules Rent & Sale.
  • HUDC— Privatised flat originally built from the Housing & Development Board (HDB). May not have recreation facilities.
  • PENTHOUSE— Largest unit at the Condo or Apartment block. Normally on the top floor with 2 degrees.
  • TOWNHOUSE— Flat with ground level entrance and generally is 2 to 4-storey high.
  • WALK-UP APARTMENT— Low rise flat with no lift or recreation facilities.

Landed Home

Landed properties are houses with gardens. Traditional landed housed comprises of bungalows (a freestanding house), semi-detached (a pair of houses) and terrace units (a row of houses), all which come with private backyard compounds or garage.

  • BUNGALOW— Free standing house without a shared wall along with other people except that the fence.
  • CLUSTER HOUSE— Strata branded landed house with shared chemical and recreation facilities.
  • SEMI-DETACHED— A pair of houses, two houses joint side by side.
  • TERRACE HOUSE— A set of houses joint side by side, can be intermediate or corner terrace.

* Please be aware that Singapore Government has imposed limitations on foreign ownership of private residential land such as landed houses in Singapore. Please refer to Singapore Land Authority website to learn more.

Singapore Commercial / Industrial Property

  • B1 LIGHT INDUSTRIAL— B1 Industrial space zoned by URA for lighting industries and trades.
  • B2 HEAVY INDUSTRIAL— B2 Industrial space zoned by URA for significant industries and trades.
  • BUILDING— Entire Commercial / Industrial construction.
  • FACTORY— Industrial space for light or heavy industries.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE— F & B distance, restaurants, cafes.
  • HDB SHOP— Shop distance within a HDB block.
  • LAND— Bare land or land with an old construction.
  • OFFICE— Office space in commercial office buildings or shop house.
  • MEDICAL SPACE— clinical Space for medical practitioners & healthcare facilities.
  • SHOP— Shop space for retail company at malls or shophouse.
  • SHOPHOUSE— A row of low-rise stores joint side by side with a dwelling quarter / workplace above them.
  • WAREHOUSE— Space. May include some office space.

Other Properties

These types of property listed below are conservation shophouses or colonial houses and bungalows. A good example is shophomes like Townerville. Kindly contact us if you’re considering them.

  • COLONIAL HOUSE, BUNGALOW— Houses Constructed at the pre-war British colonial times.
  • CONSERVATION HOUSE, SHOP HOUSE— Houses or Shop Houses which are marked for conservation.
  • BLACK AND WHITE HOUSE— Houses developed at the pre-war British colonial times, with white & black exterior. .
  • HERITAGE HOUSE — House assembled with a Little Asian tradition and culture, Balinese concept.

HDB Flats

More than 80 percent of Singaporeans live in public housing. These flats are mostly owned by the occupants. These HDB flats are situated in housing estates, that are self-contained towns with clinics, schools, supermarkets, food centers, in addition to sports and recreational amenities. They are known as HDB flats as they are built and maintained from the Housing and Development Board (HDB). For the countless HDB flats, the living area is counted as a single area.

  • 2-Room HDB Flat— 1 bedroom with a built-in area of about 45 sq m or 485 sq ft.
  • 3-Room HDB Flat— 2 bedrooms with a built-in area of about 70 sq m or 754 sq ft.
  • 4-Room HDB Flat— 3 bedrooms using a built-in area of about 90 sq m or 969 sq ft.
  • 5-Room HDB Flat— 3 bedrooms using a built-in area of about 110 sq m or 1,184 sq ft.
  • Jumbo HDB Flat— 6 bedrooms which is joint by 2 3-Room flats.
  • Executive Apartment (HDB EA)— 3 bedrooms using built-in part of about 150 sq m or 1,615 sq ft.
  • Executive Mansionette (HDB EM)— Much as Executive flat, except it’s two degrees.

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Portugal Property Showcase

From: 107.14 daily

Portugal Property Group

If you are seeking the best vacation accommodation in Portugal. Then we invite you to browse through our collection of hundreds of special properties. Each has something really special and different to offer. Portugal Property Rentals focus solely on Portugal, our community management staff live in Portugal and we all know and appreciate Portugal.

Pick from our enormous variety of high quality rental properties located in the Algarve, Alentejo, Lisbon, Central Portugal, Silver Coast, both Porto and the North; and discover a dream vacation house that will provide the perfect setting for a memorable vacation. We also have properties in Madeira and the Azores.

Property Rentals in Portugal

Our owners work hard to ensure that all the properties are managed and maintained to the highest possible standard. We think that we can provide the perfect kind of accommodation whether you enjoy basking in the sunshine, an active family holiday, or prefer to unwind in a tropical retreat and savor the local food and wine.

A number of our rental properties are available for a short break (3 days minimum) or during the off peak season for a long-term lease (up to six months); whatever your needs only enquire and we will give you our immediate personal attention.

We’ve been in business since 1989 and are component of Portugal Property Group.


Our Beloved Powder Rooms

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Contemporary Glamour

A little powder room is the perfect spot to bring a bold touch to your home. Playful pink wallpaper sets the scene in this diverse space, which includes a easy base sink with a glamorous mirror. A tripod table provides the perfect place for setting new blossoms, a must-have for bringing life into any room.

Strike a Playful Note

Whimsical bird wallpaper is the actual showstopper in this diverse powder room. Designer Sarah Richardson enjoys using classic light fixtures, such as the sconces and chandelier here, in her areas to make a timeless sense.

Globe-Trotting Design

Ikat wallpaper in soft greens and blues adds a splash of colour to the neutral powder room. A blue bead chandelier is a playful touch and is represented at the tasteful quatrefoil mirror. A little floating sink glass countertop takes up little room and brings a contemporary note to your room.

Mix of all Metals

Slate gray wallpaper with silver trees and gold pears produces a romantic forest atmosphere in this contemporary powder room. A sleek white vanity is topped with lovely marble countertops and an elegant vessel sink.

Stylish in Black and White

In this diverse powder room, guests are greeted with a bold, whimsical background featuring black peacock feathers. Pedestal sinks often look contemporary, but designer Allison Lind picked one using a column base and tender, curvy lines to bring a more conventional style. A huge round mirror attracts the silver hue of this hallway into the bathroom and helps you to visually expand the room.

Black and White High Contrast

Classic meets contemporary in this shiny black backsplash placed in a herringbone pattern. A compact white countertop produces a dramatic contrast against the standard black front of this floating vanity, while bits of gold deliver a glamorous element into the area.

Natural Inspiration

The whimsical wallpaper in this little bath includes feathers in soft yellows and grays. The floating vanity combines heated forests with trendy countertops, a display in equilibrium. And for a playful touch, an antler sconce is hung next to the mirror.

Old Meets New

Vintage finds are a excellent way to decorate your powder room using personality. Antique frames, mirrors and even cabinet doors are hung throughout this diverse powder room for a cozy, lived-in feel. Marble tiles laid diagonally ground the area, while chrome and white fixtures equilibrium the rustic grade with a contemporary edge.

Sophisticated With a Touch of Nature

Because powder rooms are usually the smallest space in the home, they’re the perfect candidate for trying a elaborate (and potentially costly) layout. This contemporary bathroom includes river stone accent walls, bringing earthy texture to the area. Gray walls include thickness with a little metallic sheen, along with a compact vanity, mirror and sconces bring into a contemporary style.

Caution: Waves Ahead

Pedestal sinks are a terrific choice for powder rooms because they take up less space and under-counter storage is not necessarily a necessity. In this contemporary bathroom, royal tiles at a neutral gradient from sand to light charcoal produce a wavy accent wall. A simple mirror is suspended from the wall to look as if it’s floating.

Deep Sea Inspiration

Navy blue wainscoting is paired with metallic gold grasscloth in this diverse toilet. A lovely white mirror hangs over a contemporary vanity with slick boat sink while styled coral prints include a contemporary touch.

From: Jill Wolff

Embrace Neutrals

A neutral colour palette does not need to be boring. Utilize many different materials to make an eye-catching display for visual interest. The backsplash in this contemporary bathroom is stunning with limestone tile laid in a herringbone pattern. The vanity includes a low-profile faucet and sleek cabinet handles for a clean, streamlined look.

Stylishly Romantic

Curvy lines and a soft palette are key to evoking a timeless style. Shimmering silver, from the floral wallpaper and upholstered door into the hammered nickel sink and wall-mounted faucet, conveys the eye during this feminine bathroom. A round, natural walnut vanity is topped in Calacatta marble.

Tiled at Terrazzo

Creamy white walls combine with multi-hued terrazzo wall tile in this diverse powder room. The light orange shade of the rock speckles is pulled out to make a custom vanity. A lavish chandelier and sconce bring a sophisticated, romantic vibe into the room.

From: Kim Alexandriuk

Graphic and Energizing

Bold, geometric wallpaper in rich jewel tones is a wow-worthy background to this funky powder room. The sleek, straight lines of this vanity, faucet and mirror bring a contemporary edge to your room, while cylindrical black sconces create soft mood lighting.

Chalkboard Expression

A surefire hit with guests are the chalkboard paint walls in this quirky powder room. A galvanized shelf beside the base sink homes the chalk for leaving a fun message about the walls. Mirrored sconces are paired using a hanging mirror to assist bounce light around the dark space.

Loaded and Chocolatey

Conventional wainscoting pairs using black chocolate walls for a timeless look that is both relaxing and warm. A beveled-edge mirror adds a subtle boom over the console spout, that mixes contemporary chrome legs with an elegant marble counter tops. Intricate floor tilework in muted earth tones provides style underfoot.

Pop of Color

Within this powder room, earth-toned mosaics blend with tumbled square tiles for a hot, Tuscan-inspired vibe. The show-stopping bright blue vessel sink acts as a bit of artwork and stands out against the neutral background.

Rustic Storage

Traditional wainscoting contrasts against whimsical black wallpaper with vibrant butterflies in this diverse powder room. Rustic French-inspired storage bins are hung in the wall for pretty yet functional storage. Lean and polished, the base sink makes the space feel airy, while the mirror helps reflect light around the area.

Bold Stripes

Broad horizontal stripes made from white and black rectangular tiles create a major design statement and assist you to visually enlarge the space within this powder area. The strong square traces of the floating vanity and toilet give the space an ultra-modern touch while hardwood floors add heat.

Sweet and Chic

An elaborate wallpaper is best complemented by timeless, white wainscoting which holds its own without stealing the show. A simple console is a terrific option for small bathrooms because they take up less space and maintain a airy, spacious look.

Contemporary With a Vintage Vibe

A favorite designer suggestion to making a one-piece powder area is to repurpose an antique dresser into a vanity. Contemporary meets conventional when the graphic black background is paired with white beadboard and chair-rail molding.

Bright in All White

Smart design options take advantage of the narrow powder room. White subway tile isn’t only trendy, but it can help to visually enlarge the space in every direction. A floating vanity keeps the space airy and open while heavy built-in shelves provide required storage and also the mirror is inset to produce the illusion of more room.

Clad in Gold

Glamour knows no boundaries in this richly decorated powder room. Flocked filigree wallpaper brings texture into the room as a gilded vanity is topped with gold marble. Inset on the rock floor is custom mosaic work comprising 24-karat gold along with onyx tiles.

Graceful at Gray

Soft gray walls using a metallic sheen bring the drama to this little bath. Raised, swirling detail adds texture and elegance to the space while little windows combined with the mirror assist channel light throughout the room.

Into the Blue

Taking a cue in the homeowners’ ardent love of scuba diving, and the powder area reflects their joy of the sea. Deep blue tile is laid vertically, making a cascading water effect, along with the blue countertop is lit from underneath and looks as though you can dive right in.

Intriguing Mix

This vibrant powder room feels refreshingly fresh with graphic, hexagonal tile along with Venetian plaster teal walls. Organic components, such as the rustic wood counter tops and drifting shelves, are paired with contemporary fixtures, such as the vessel sink and wall-mounted faucet.

Rustic Meets Contemporary

Stone walls set the background for this contemporary bathroom where the vanity combines rustic wood drawers using a glass counter tops and vessel sink which looks like it’s floating on top.

Watery Turquoise

Shimmering silver wallpaper lends this powder area a glamorous background while the floating vanity has both open and closed storage and is topped with a turquoise glass countertop for a vibrant pop of colour. A huge piece of abstract artwork brings a contemporary element into the distance.

Shimmer and Shine

Rich browns lend a soothing feeling to this contemporary powder room. A trendy wall remedy creates a bronze, bronze end, while a floating toilet and sleek vanity bring a modern edge to the area. The oval mirror is back-lit, emitting a soft glow.

Photo By: Ball & Albanese

Photo By: Bronwyn Poole

Photo By: Scott Hargis Photography

Photo By: Regan Wood

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