The Cartel

marshall chiles cowboy hatFOUNDER & DUDEMAN:
Marshall Chiles loves comedy, education, and business… but not always in that order.  He is a professional international comedian who owns comedy clubs and festivals around the country. He combines his 23 years of entrepreneur success and 14  years of stand-up comedy to inspire and help businesses apply more comedy & humor to their culture.

FUN FACT: His biggest fear is ending up on the wrong end of the food chain so he has learned how to fight sharks, bears and alligators.

kevin dwyer

Kevin Dwyer has been doing standup since 2003.  In 2008, he met Dudeman, Marshall Chiles, after entering a radio contest for stand-up comedy where he brought home the title, however, it did nothing to boost his comedy career.  He credits his traditional Irish Catholic family as giving him the foundation for a career in comedy.  Oh, and by traditional catholic family, he means one that is filled with lots of love, divorce, and alcohol. After working with his brothers in a start-up company, he became an expert on nepotism.  His advice on nepotism is simple, don’t work with family.

FUN FACT: He attributes most of his sales success to his favorite sales book, “Green Eggs and Ham- Dr Suess”.


danielle omega fb pic 1PRESENTATION DESIGN & DELIVERY:
Danielle Omega

Danielle Omega is a strong visual communicator with an expertise in visual storytelling. With over 14 years in the experience in the corporate design industry she’s well versed at designing highly visual, audience-focused presentations that influence, inspire, and persuade.

Presentations are a common communication tool in businesses today and millions are delivered on a daily basis. Yet, only a handful of them are developed, designed and delivered well. However, Danielle is dedicated to making them better though creative problem solving.

Winner of Graphic Design USA’s: 2014 American In-House Design Award for excellence in presentation design, Danielle has studied under Nancy Duarte and practices her design philosophy. So, get ready to unlock the power of your own visual stories.

Fun fact: Marshall and Danielle attended the University of Georgia together.


Donell Rawlings Green Room EtcWRITER/ACTOR/CELEBRITY:
Donnell Rawlings is best known as Ashy Larry from “Chappelle Show” but you will also see that he is one of our Cartel. We have worked with Donnell for 10 years now and know he is one of the funniest sketch actors in the business. Watch his videos in our Eye-Candy page to see for yourself.

FUN FACT: Donnell was not suppose to be as big a part of “Chappelle Show” but because of his larger than life attitude (and being loud) he was so popular he would sub-host the show for Dave.


andrew georgeWRITER DUDE:
Andrew George has been with The Cartel since graduating from university in 2012 with a bachelors in video production (despite his parents’ wishes). Like most boy-men in their twenties, he spends far too much time online, which means that he knows how to use it to your company’s advantage (cats, mostly cats).

FUN FACT: Andrew wishes he was Donnell’s girlfriend.


Bob Place won a Best Short Comedy Film in a national film festival while he was still in high-school.  Fast forward to today, and Bob has developed his skills to help The Cartel provide funny short videos to clients. See his work in our EYE CANDY here.

Bob is also an amazing stand-up comedian and the lead singer/guitarist of the three piece punk band called “Swank Sinatra.”

FUN FACT: You probably first saw Bob Place in the Tom Green movie “Road Trip” where Tom gave Bob & his mom the campus tour.  Then Tom Green makes out with Bob’s mom.  Yea, good scene.


VortexThe Vortex Bar & Grill    
878 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

That’s right, we are located in the back of the world famous Vortex Bar & Grill.  That is also where Laughing Skull Lounge is located.  So most meetings with us include eating the best hamburgers in Atlanta.

Yea, NOW you want to call us, right?!?!   *   855.55.FUNNY (38669)

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