An Overview Of Compression Fittings

There is a certain type of coupling that is used for certain types of plumbing. A Compression fittings simply connects a couple pipes together, or a pipe to evolve or fixture. This comes with a compression not, ring, and a compression seat. These can also be used when doing electrical conduit systems. These pipes can be made of copper or PVC and you can buy from in affordable price. They will be made with compatible materials that will fit perfectly together. You will typically see these in plumbing fixtures such as with water faucets, or even toilet stop valves. One of the reasons they are used is it is typically in a tight situation where welding copper pipes would not be the best choice.

How Do Compression Fittings Work?

This is put together using what is called an outer compression not, and also an inner compression ring. They are typically made of copper or brass, and can vary in shape, with the ring actually having beveled edges. When it is tightened, the ferrule is compressed, clamping around the pipe. These can be small, medium or large, and are typically sealed with some type of thread sealed tape. If there is a problem with the fitting, plumbers grease can be used to make them easier to turn. However, over tightening should never be done as it could strip the fitting, requiring people to purchase additional ones to complete the project.

Finding The Best Places To Purchase Them

You find the best places to purchase them by their store plumbsparesdirect, this will more than likely be at a local home improvement store. You can order them online, having them shipped right to your location, however you would have to wait a couple of days in most cases. You can find stores online that may be in your local area that simply have a website showcasing their products. This basic overview of compression fittings should help you understand how they work, and also where you can get ones that are online or in your area.