Why Comedy
green_room_etc_cardFunny Sells… Period!

The best way to keep someone’s attention is to use humor because comedy is a hook!

Once you have your audience hooked, you have a better chance of persuading them to do what you want. And that leads to higher conversions, which leads to more revenue.

“At the end of humor, the person is always listening. They want to hear what is said next.”
– Jeffrey Gitomer (World Renown Sales Consultant and NY Times Best Selling Author ‘The Sales Bible’)

Add Humor To:

Engage Your Audience
Lower Their Guard
Connect With Them Emotionally
And Pick Their Pockets
There is a good chance you already know using humor works. You use it but you are going it alone. You come up with something funny and then run it by some employees. Sure they laughed a little, but you know some of them are laughing for fear of being fired.

If you are like most of our clients, you already do some humor and would like to have more of it. Yep, that is where we come in my friend.