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Best Travelling Tips For Seniors

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Old age doesn’t mean having to stop traveling. Getting old means having more time and this gives you the chance to travel more, and you will be able to appreciate the new experiences better because of the lifetime of knowledge you have. But being older means you will not be traveling the way you used to. There are some physical limitations you have to deal with, and there is also the fact that old people are usually the main targets when it comes to theft. The good thing is that there are a number of things you can do to ensure you are protected with your belongings. Below are senior travel places and tips that will go a long way.

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Get Insurance

While it is important to get travel insurance regardless of age, it is way more important for older travelers because they have higher risks of getting sick, falling and hurting themselves, or needed extra medication if their travel is delayed or interrupted. Travel insurance is not expensive, you can expect to pay $100-$200 more.

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Do not advertise your absence

Many people assume that hotels are always safe, but people with bad intentions can easily come and go in many hotels. One thing you should avoid doing is outing up the sign “clean my room” on the hotel door. This will let people know that there is no one in the room. Thieves know people tend to leave money, passport, and jewelry in the room, and can easily jimmy open locks. The safer alternative is calling the front desk when you are about to get out and tell them they can send someone to clean the room. You should also choose a room that is not on the ground floor.

Watch what you eat

Older people tend to have more sensitive tummies and have to be on restricted diets. It can sometimes be easier to forget these facts when traveling, but this can have undesirable side effects. You might be forced to spend more time in the hotel room instead of exploring the place you are visiting. Minimize the consumption of heavy, spicy, or cheese food items. There are some medications that will not go well with certain types of food.

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Keep others in the loop

If you are traveling alone, you should be keeping other apprised of your daily itinerary, and this can be the hotel concierge or innkeeper. Tell them the place you are going and the estimated time of arrival, then try sticking to that schedule. You should always have a cell phone at you at all times.

Mind your feet

You should choose comfortable shoes so you can get through the walking and tour. It is a good idea to choose flat shoes when older because it helps in keeping you steady on your feet. The shoes don’t have to look ugly, just flat.
You should not carry things that will attract the attention of thieves. Leave expensive jewelry at home, unless you are going to an event you want to wear it in.