Our imperial leader/father is Marshall Chiles. Before making the bad decision to make a living off of comedy, he was in the Internet Dot Bomb world with a web development company from 1998-2000.

At age 30 he decided to follow his love and passion for comedy and became a comedian. Within two years, he realized being a road comic was not for him and he bought The Funny Farm Comedy in Atlanta, GA, learned Google marketing to built his comedy empire. He has been punching-up scripts and comedy routines since 2005 when he was the head writer for National Lampoon’s “Pop Culture Minute or So.” He now applies those same super powers to help add humor to presentations and sales pitches.

FUN FACT: His biggest fear is ending up on the wrong end of the food chain so he has learned how to fight sharks, bears and alligators.

Kevin Dwyer has been doing standup since 2003. In 2008, he met Dudeman, Marshall Chiles, after entering a radio contest for stand-up comedy where he brought home the title, however, it did nothing to boost his comedy career. He credits his traditional Irish Catholic family as giving him the foundation for a career in comedy. Oh, and by traditional catholic family, he means one that is filled with lots of love, divorce, and alcohol. After working with his brothers in a start-up company, he became an expert on nepotism. His advice on nepotism is simple, don’t work with family.

FUN FACT: He attributes most of his sales success to his favorite sales book, “Green Eggs and Ham- Dr Suess”.

Donnell Rawlings is best known as Ashy Larry from “Chappelle Show” but you will also see that he is one of our Cartel. We have worked with Donnell for 10 years now and know he is one of the funniest sketch actors in the business. Watch his videos in our Eye-Candy page to see for yourself.

FUN FACT: Donnell was not suppose to be as big a part of “Chappelle Show” but because of his larger than life attitude (and being loud) he was so popular he would sub-host the show for Dave.

Andrew George has been with The Cartel since graduating from university in 2012 with a bachelors in video production (despite his parents’ wishes). Like most boy-men in their twenties, he spends far too much time online, which means that he knows how to use it to your company’s advantage (cats, mostly cats).

FUN FACT: Andrew wishes he was Donnell’s girlfriend.

Bob Place won a Best Short Comedy Film in a national film festival while he was still in high-school. Fast forward to today, and Bob has developed his skills to help The Cartel provide funny short videos to clients. See his work in our EYE CANDY here.

Bob is also an amazing stand-up comedian and the lead singer/guitarist of the three piece punk band called “Swank Sinatra.”

FUN FACT: You probably first saw Bob Place in the Tom Green movie “Road Trip” where Tom gave Bob & his mom the campus tour. Then Tom Green makes out with Bob’s mom. Yea, good scene.

Jamey McDaniel is a recovering heterosexual and is very jealous that Andrew is jealous of Ben’s girlfriend. He somehow tricked the kind folks at SAE Nashville into awarding him audio engineering credentials in 2003… we think. They could be forged, as he is also proficient with photoshop and cameras and lying. In 2006, after a few years in television production, Jamey moved to Atlanta to open a recording studio with another jackass he met through a confused girl he was sleeping with. Somehow it was successful for several years.